Saturday, June 17, 2006

Being silly

Thought I'd steal this from another blog. Google: your name needs. I googled "Melissa Needs..." and here's what I came up with (after excluding everyone else's blogs with the same thing! I skipped to page 9 of the Google list):

1. Melissa needs to get off the porch rail! (hmmm, interesting)
2. Melissa needs attention and will do “things” for attention (this sounds a bit bad!)
3. Melissa Needs Your Help - Kittens/cats Up For Adoption (I am so not a cat person)
4. Melissa needs blood will you help me? (Nope, don't need any more)
5. after a night in heels melissa needs to take a break (This is true!)
6. MELISSA needs to know whether such a functional request can be executed at that instant (huh?)
7. Melissa needs automotive troubleshooting (I suppose I would if my car was broken)
8. Melissa needs lots of cash and fast, but playing by the rules is getting her nowhere (I love this one)
9. Melissa needs to find homes for Judy’s 2 male cats (Well, at least they aren't my cats this time!)
10. Melissa needs our prayers ( A Fitting one to end on, I always need your prayers!)

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