Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fruit Pizza and Shopping

I made a fruit pizza for my women's ministry board meeting last night. It was a big hit and I even got a small piece left over to bring home for my poor, deprived family.

I baked a tube of sugar cookie dough (yes, from the store, I was too busy tye-dyeing in Grace's class yesterday to have any time to make it from scratch, although it would have been tons cheaper) on my Pampered Chef round stone. Let it cool, then mixed a package of light cream cheese with about 1/2 cup sugar, then mixed in a tub of light Cool Whip. Spread it on, then sprinkled with sliced strawberries and blueberries. It was too easy and very yummy. And I even got a deal--the strawberries and blueberries were getting overripe, so the store had them marked at 99 cents a carton, down from $4!

Went shopping at the Vancouver Mall today (Still can't learn to call it by its proper new name) Bought tons of clothes and shoes for everyone in the family, we all really needed some new things. Well, all except for Kimber, but she got some things anyway.

I'm going to go watch a movie with the family (Millions) I still have one more RT book to read before tomorrow night, and three reviews to write up. Why am I such a procrastinator?

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Camy Tang said...

That looks totally good! What a great idea for when I have to bring something to a party or get together.