Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's Going to take a little time...

The kids are out of school, and that means that every single time I sit down to the computer, one or both either a. wants something b. wants me to do something for them or c. says "get off the computer!"whine whine whine, "you are always on the computer!"

So needless to say, I have had precious little time to do any sort of updating. I have been cooking, but my camera is full of pictures that I haven't had time to print out/download onto the computer because of the above reasons. So I don't have pictures of my fabulous flank steak I made last night, or the wonderful spaghetti pie or the banana pudding. Sorry folks!

Logan's gymnastics program is tonight. Then only two more things this week. Grace's tryouts tomorrow, and their last competition on Sunday. Whew!

VBS next week, so it will be another very busy time with not much computer time.


Tanya said...

Hey Melissa,
I took Ben to see the new Garfield movie this afternoon - cute! Sorry the munchkins are getting on your nerves. It's hard when you get in a routine and school ends and it's like they don't understand you aren't their play thing 24/7! Hang in there. I'm in the same boat - the theater saved me today. Ha!

Kathy said...

Melissa, I just found this book site (while looking up a book Beth's former school counselor wrote) & thought of you: