Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ah, summer!

I am mostly going to spend the day lying around reading. Oh yes, much laundry and dishes and other cleaning, but not so much running around in the summertime, which is nice. Still reading Over the Waters.

I'm getting another First Look book, I can't believe it! I think it's because I'm turning my reviews in early, it seems to be working for getting a book every month.

Another review posted:
Darkness on the Edge of Town

I have five books I need to write up. I will make it a goal to write up at least two of them today.

Off to put on my makeup and do my hair and transfer the laundry so I can sit down with a book!


Kathryn said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for the kind words about my book on Bookcrossing. I didn't mean to offend with the letter to reviewers. I was writing to those knotheads (mostly men) who feel qualified to review a women's book and write things like, "Here's another woman who thinks anyone would care about her life or friends..." like the Miami Bombshells first book got from Publisher's Weekly.

And thanks for sending my book to weareatthebeach. She must still be at the beach because she hasn't posted yet! Hope she is o.k.

Best, Kathryn

Melissa said...

She did receive it, but she hasn't read it yet. Busy life in the summer and all that. I do understand what you mean about male reviewers of female books. I feel the same way!

I did enjoy the book though, it was fun!