Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another day, better mood

I'm doing better today, maybe my problem yesterday was that I didn't leave the house for the entire day. I did get a lot done, it just didn't feel like it. Today we actually left the house--went to the Dollar Tree and got some more things for Grace's party, to the library where the kids completed their first goal for the summer reading program, and to the post office to mail some books. They've been playing better this afternoon with only minimal fighting.

I'm reading Die Before Nightfall, a Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense book. It's actually really good, the first one that I've had difficulty putting down. The Dean Koontz book I'm listening to is great as well, it reminds me a lot of Harlan Coben.

Oh, need to go set the recorder for Big Brother! I am going to a Tastefully Simple party tonight and won't be home, so I really need to do that.

Anyway, today has been a much, much better day.

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