Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Can't seem to catch my breath!

I have had no time on the computer lately. I'm so behind with my reviews, at least I'm reading, that's something.

Finished VBS...it was a great program, a great week. Just a lot to do right after coming home from vacation. Still don't have everything picked up and put away yet. My de-cluttering and cleaning that I started a few weeks ago is stalled mid-process until I can get some time to Freecycle or take stuff to Goodwill (will probably do both)

The 4th of July was fun but again, tiring. Went to the lake for a couple of days. Listened to music. So excited on Sunday, got to see Shaun Groves. That was a huge treat, he was wonderful and funny. We got to pre-order his new CD that comes out on the 12th for only $5.

Today the kids and I took Kimber to the airport so she can visit Las Vegas for two weeks. It will be a nice break for her and more cleaning for me! Heh, heh, I get to get rid of some things!

I'm currently reading my RT books for the month, right now I'm reading In Sheep's Clothing by Susan May Warren. Pretty good so far, international intrigue and all that. Different for the Steeple Hill books, a refreshing change. Finally finished Oh My Stars on audio, now I'm listening to Velocity by Dean Koontz.

Big Brother starts on Thursday! Yay, finally something interesting to watch on TV. We've been watching a lot of movies though, and Season 5 of the Sopranos. Although I warn you that watching the Sopranos right before bed can give some mighty weird dreams.

Ok, back to cleaning!

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