Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Getting ready to kick back with a book (after I watch last night's Big Brother) It's been kind of a lazy weekend, which is nice for a change.

Friday night Logan spent the night with a friend, so we took Grace to Gresham to the Original Roadhouse Grill. Yummy.

Yesterday basically lazed around all day. I read Eleven on Top (totally hilarious, I love Stephanie Plum! I also love Morelli, drool! ) and then an awful book, A Little Change of Face. Spent a couple of hours making a new Amazon wish list just for my library book reminders, I feel much more organized now!

I'm currently listening to The Innocent by Harlan Coben and reading Romantic Fiction by Melanie La'Brooy. I am anxiously awaiting my Romantic Times books, I am going to have to read very fast to make it through all seven books by my deadline the way things are going.

I still have three reviews to write up, but hopefully I can get them done tomorrow. I am just continually behind.

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