Thursday, August 25, 2005

Not much time

I need to start dinner. It's been a very busy day. Started the day on the phone making hair appointments, dog grooming, etc. Went to the library and post office and Target. Came home and had lunch, then went out again to get Logan's hair cut and then to the grocery store to buy stuff for camping. The kids were awful and absolutely would not listen to me. It was really frustrating.

The one good note, I started SAHM I Am by Meredith Efken and it is totally my life! It's about stay-at-home moms who are on an e-mail loop, trying to make sense of their lives and relationships with each other, their husbands, and God. Great book so far, I am hating to put it down but I really need to get some reviews written up before the weekend. Fortunately I did get two done this afternoon. Just three more to go!

I am so looking forward to school starting, I know I'm sounding like a broken record. Not that I will have a whole lot more time to myself, but I will have a little. I am so happy to start my Starbucks Mondays back up again!

Gotta go make the spaghetti. It's too hot but that's what LeeRoy wants to eat.

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Shawna said...

that book sounds really interesting! sounds like my life too!!!

Thanks for the comment on my page. I'm anxious to read your reviews now :)