Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Please tell me school starts tomorrow!

I am so bummed that it doesn't. All my kids do is fight. And all I do is yell. I am so tired of this, give me the structure of school!

Went college-stuff shopping with Kimber last night. She got a comforter, towels, and all of the hundreds of dollars of stuff one needs to go 470 miles away to school for a year. She did say that she wouldn't mind having a going away party...so maybe on the 20th or 21st, our only free weekend before she leaves. Could do it the 14th I guess, but that seems a little early. It's nice to see her getting excited about going. I know she's probably really nervous since she doesn't know anyone, but I remember how much I grew up and learned about myself and how I fit into life when I went away to school.

Now if I can only make it 12 more years until the little ones are off to college, I'll have it made.

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