Thursday, August 04, 2005

Verrrrry slow and hot...

It is so hot today. Ugh. I was so productive this morning. I got up early, balanced the checkbook, paid bills, figured out all of our bookkeeping stuff, etc. Started on my RT reviews.

Went to the library and then stopped by school to pay Logan's tuition and Grace's first month. Gasp, that was a lot of money! Thank goodness for our tax return!

Have spent most of the last two hours trying to get Kimber's Netgear set back up. I finally figured it out and I'm so proud of myself. (big pats on the back for me)

Now both kids have friends over, and although Logan and his friend are really hot and bored (they've done everything and are still bored) I am going to spend the next hour working on my RT reviews. Jenny and I are going to dinner and to see Must Love Dogs tonight, so I don't need to cook dinner for myself. I need to figure out what to make for the rest of them though.

Off to concentrate on these reviews. They are not going to write themselves and I have to pack tomorrow so not much time then.

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