Saturday, August 13, 2005

We're Back!

It wasn't too bad weather-wise, although LeeRoy would claim differently. I had a nice time with my sister and the kids loved visiting with their cousins. Spent a lot of time in the pool. It's hot here too, I am very anxious for summer to end, let me tell you!

Went school clothes shopping for Kimber today. I got a couple of outfits for myself, but I cant' wear them until the weather cools down.

Have had a few reviews posted:
Always Green
Miranda Blue Calling
The Girl She Left Behind
The Victory Club
Seven Minutes to Noon

I finished a couple of books while I was in Vegas, now I'm reading
The Mile High Hair Club
by Naomi Neale. I was totally thrilled when I opened it up and saw my review of Neale's first book, Calendar Girl, quoted inside the front cover. Even though my name wasn't with it, it made me so excited to see my words!

I'm feeling rotten, allergies, a cold, or something. I'm going to go lie down for awhile before I write up the reviews I need to work on. Or maybe I'll wait until tomorrow.

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