Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Things are looking up

I am definitely feeling better today. Grace on the other hand is about to drive me insane. She's screaming about everything. I think she's tired, but who knows. She's just cranky. Her shoes aren't tied right, it's too sunny, etc.

Went shopping all day in Vancouver for clothes for the kids. They are not fun to shop with, let me tell you. Logan was actually really easy, but Grace was picky and whiny until she got food, then she was ok for awhile, then whiny again.

I have two new reviews posted:
A Little Change of Face
Romantic Fiction

I finished Necklace of Kisses--it was very unusual, but I really liked it. I am not sure what's up next on the pile, probably my First Look book. Then I got a book from Ballantine to review yesterday also. Hopefully I will have my RT books before we head to California so I can read in the car. Yes, hopefully! The reviews are due on the 5th and we're leaving on the 1st!

Found out that Logan doesn't have the teacher I had wanted for him. I am a little bummed. I have no doubts he'll be find anywhere, but it's still disappointing. And then they asked if Grace could be in PM kindergarten which I said NO. That would throw me totally off, plus she's already signed up for gymnastics in the afternoon. She melts down in the afternoon (I should have them come observe her today, then they'd get a clue)

Gotta go think of something for dinner!


michelsmith04313522 said...
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Melissa said...

Stupid spammers. I am on a mission to delete all of their posts. I wish it were possible to block them from commenting...