Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lost Mania

Ok, I have never claimed that we aren't complete Lost fanatics, but it has reached a new fever pitch now that the fourth season is due to start on January 31.

We cracked open the 3rd season DVD set and have now been obsessively watching last season's episodes. We cannot seem to stop ourselves. We watched all day yesterday, and even after the kids went to bed and it was fairly late, LeeRoy said, "we can squeeze one more in today." Then right before I turned out the light last night he said, "there will be no Lost watching tomorrow while I am at work."

I cannot remember another time in my life when I was this into a television show. I am ready to go down to Hollywood and beg the Lost writers to go back to work. I think the fans would pool together and pay them what they're worth!

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Happywife84 said...

lol..that's so neat you 2 are watching it together!!

Letterman got his writers back by going to the Union & making some kind of a deal to get his writer's back! Wish some of our shows could do that! Course Letterman onws his show I guess.